“Prada” Has Pneumonia

“Prada” is a beautiful foster kitty and a mama to 5 wonderful kittens. She had an upper respiratory infection that quickly turned to pneumonia and has to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, her kittens are now sick with upper respiratory infections as well and are being treated with antibiotics. Her nursing kittens are with their loving foster family and really miss their mama. For labs and two days of hospitalization with treatments, it comes to $1,200. Please help us save this family. Any little bit helps!

Please help us help Prada!

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Some animals require a little extra special care. Many or our animals are put on the euthanasia list or are in a dire situation when they come to us. We do everything we can to rehabilitate and adopt them out to loving and caring families. We have successfully adopted many animals to their forever homes with great pet owners. We can always use your help if you would like to join our team. We are looking for fosters to help keep pets safe and cared for prior to their adoption. 

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