Save “Scout!”

Scout doesn’t deserve to die! Our vet called us tonight and asked if our rescue could take in this 3 year old owner relinquished tabby. He has a urinary blockage and his owners didn’t want to pay for treatment and asked for him to be euthanized.

The vet asked us if we could take him under our wing. He will need a catheter inserted into his urethra and left there, while hospitalized, for three days to break up the blockage and make sure it has cleared. Blood and urin lab work. And they will neuter him while he is under anesthesia.

The estimate is just over $2,000. Any donations will help cover the cost. If desired, donations can go straight to his vet bill at All Day Pet Hospital, under Sunrise Rescue.

After “Scout” is in the clear, healthy, and issues are resolved, he will be available for adoption. We can’t image what this poor guy feels like right now. He must be in so much pain, confused, and very scared.

Thank you Samantha!

A very special adoption yesterday! “Twinkle” survived panleukapenia, malnutrition, a ruptured eye ulcer, round worms, tape worms, fleas, and an upper respiratory infection, ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! Adopted by her loving foster, Samantha. We wish you both a happy life together!🥰💖🐈‍⬛